Deepspace – The Blue Dunes

Ambient music tends to invoke nostalgic memories for me, it also transports me to an alien planet. It almost literally does both because as I

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Pain Remains

As someone who grew up during the rise of deathcore, it is a bit strange that I missed the train considering all of the “traditional”

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Whether orchestral music or stuff to jam in your spaceship, Bjork has her TV loving fingers in every cookie jar marked drug-like euphoria. Her past

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Edenbridge in 2022? Not bad.

Shangri-La is much more intriguing than I expected. I’ve previously found Edenbridge a generic symphonic metal band, but there’s less average in this release. From

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Above Average Metalcore.

This metalcore album includes buildups, breakdowns, and holy polyrhythms. Varied guitar work abounds! The guitarist goes so ham it sounds like djent, nu-metal, and thrash

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A tasty debut album.

The Other World involves a riveting symphonic power metal band. This is Vrylnia’s debut album, yet their chops say otherwise. Their soundscape harkens back to

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