The Lazy Writing of Star Wars

I grew up watching Star Wars movies, it was my comfort food. Every new movie introduced another cool villain, another cool lightsaber fight, everything felt fresh and it expanded the lore. At some point that feeling of freshness disappeared though, I still love Star Wars movies – don’t get me wrong – but the creative energy is practically dead. These days the excitement of being in a galaxy far, far away is on hold as Disney explores previously walked through territories, stories, and characters.

There is so much potential for interesting stories in Star Wars, but it has been squandered in favour of, “Check it out boys, it’s Vader and Boba – so epic!”. Palpatine and Yoda are dead, so who will carry the torch? Will they bring back Mace Windu (and give the poor man some justice)? Will Qui-Gon’s ghost have more than a couple lines? These are all interesting characters for sure, but Star Wars could also use new characters, not just characters borrowed from the Clone Wars series, people related to each other, or the same ancient characters. Maybe introduce a villain from another dimension that conquered the universe, in short, bring in someone that hasn’t been explored to death. Give us something new. Maybe Rey fights a new villain and doesn’t win. Maybe Palpatine was a punk compared to the baddies elsewhere.

The potential is unlimited, but Disney refuse to move past their tried-and-true delivery. Ironic that they erased the expanded universe only to realize their mistake when the universe suddenly had much less nuance. Star Wars is becoming boring, Disney are playing it so safe that their movies and series are feeling like cheap gimmicks/shadows compared to what they once were. These days it’s looking appetizing to venture back into the expanded universe lore and remember a time when Star Wars was interesting and exciting. Star Wars isn’t completely dead yet, but it’s certainly showing its age.

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Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep(@electric-sheep)
1 year ago

This post kind of covers the underpinning of the Kenobi review I’m working on.

Disney has been playing it relatively safe for the last 7 years or so. The Mandalorian was good, but because it cast off some of the storytelling tropes that have been recycled all this time. “What if Star Wars was a western?” made it fun enough to watch, but man they need to do more to inject life into the franchise.

Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep(@electric-sheep)
1 year ago

Also, I expect  TheSpirit11 to throw a hissy fit when I finally finish and post it.

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