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I’ve been pondering Muse’s new single, Kill Or Be Killed. It is a return to form, a form I haven’t seen for ages. Alter Bridge’s new single likewise sounds like something off of Blackbird, or at least has the same energy. I’ve been noticing this year that bands have been taking notes on what people like to hear, and afterwards capitalizing on it. Even Lacuna Coil seem to be giving the fans what they want, and not more uninspired trash. Every genre I’ve been listening to this year – whether emo, death metal, black metal, power metal, etc – have shown marked improvements to the genre as a whole. I mean the material has been entirely solid, tight like a bowtie. I guess I’m saying it’s been a great year. Cheers to many more albums! 

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2 years ago

Pleasantly surprised with the new Muse single; went to check after reading this post. Guess there’s still some soul chained up in there somewhere after all… if even just a wee glimmer… fancy that

Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep(@electric-sheep)
2 years ago

Kill or Be Killed is pretty decent. The other 3 songs are pretty bad to me, though.

2 years ago

Muse Sucks Mega Dick and this site is ultra balls lmao

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