Where it all began.

The first ever Halo game was a cash cow for Microsoft and was often the reason why people bought the original Xbox. The story of

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I died!

Axolotl is Dry is a game I bought for sale for one cent on the Nintendo store, with no tax included. While that didn’t make

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90s nostalgia/grind

I’ve been greatly enjoying 90s inspired games, and Exodemon is no exception. In truth, Exodemon is astoundingly simplistic but no worse for wear. It’s a

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Limited fun.

Splash Blast Panic has a lot of unreached potential. The gameplay is great, yet the lack of options severely limits it. This is thoroughly a

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Picture this if you will…

The main draw in Beasts of Maravilla Island is deep exploration in a lush world, as you take pictures of cute animals, plants, and insects.

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Flawed, but decent fun.

Skycadia is a retro inspired, arcade style, dogfighting game. You will take a plane to the sky, unlocking characters as you progress – a package

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