Music is a cult

You know how it is. Your friend recommends you an album, and you trust them so you listen to it. Pretty soon you like it or don’t, but if you don’t like it they will force you to listen to it more, or bug you until you finally cave. If you continue to dislike the album, your friend will pester you forever. If you do like it, then y’all can nerd out at concerts as you share the same likes. Adults are less susceptible to the tactic of being bugged until submission, but young people want to fit in. They want to have fun, and feel like a part of something.

I recently released my debut album. It is in the genre of crunkcore, which people in the past, either loved or hated. You were either with the scene or not. You either understood the appeal or thought it was the weirdest shit. It’s interesting to me how people will brainwash themselves just by being in the same vicinity of others. A concert for a band that you didn’t care about suddenly becomes iconic when they start playing. The crowd is into it, so it must be an exiting time. I am not dissing my album, but rather noting how people are like sheep. They’ll follow who’s leading, they’ll follow the next best thing, they’ll follow. If a person can convince the world that their thing is the next best thing, the world is their oyster.

This blog post had no real point, aside from observations. I don’t think people are stupid, I just think we’re all brainwashed. We’re programmed by our friends, surroundings, advertisements, governments, etc. and we can’t help it. After all, we’ve been programmed for our entire life.

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